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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

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Plugin Hub > useTiming

yarn add @envelop/core


Simple time metric collection, for every phase in your execution. You can easily customize the behavior of each timing measurement. By default, the timing is printed to the log, using console.log.

import { envelop, useTiming } from '@envelop/core'; import { buildSchema } from 'graphql'; const getEnveloped = envelop({ plugins: [ useTiming({ // All options are optional. By default it just print it to the log. // ResultTiming is an object built with { ms, ns } (milliseconds and nanoseconds) onContextBuildingMeasurement: (timing: ResultTiming) => {}, onExecutionMeasurement: (args: ExecutionArgs, timing: ResultTiming) => {}, onSubscriptionMeasurement: (args: SubscriptionArgs, timing: ResultTiming) => {}, onParsingMeasurement: (source: Source | string, timing: ResultTiming) => {}, onValidationMeasurement: (document: DocumentNode, timing: ResultTiming) => {}, onResolverMeasurement: (info: GraphQLResolveInfo, timing: ResultTiming) => {}, }), // ... other plugins ... ], });

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