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Plugin Hub > useStatsD

yarn add @envelop/statsd


This plugin tracks the complete execution flow, and reports metrics using StatsD (based on hot-shots).

Compatible with:

  • Datadog's DogStatsD server
  • InfluxDB's Telegraf StatsD server
  • Etsy's StatsD serve

Available metrics:

  • graphql.operations.count - the number of performed operations (including failures)
  • graphql.operations.error_count - the number of failed operations
  • graphql.operations.latency - a histogram of response times (in milliseconds)

You can also customize the graphql prefix and add custom tags to the metrics.

Getting Started#

yarn add hot-shots @envelop/stats

Usage Example#

import { envelop } from '@envelop/core' import { useStatsD } from '@envelop/statsd' import StatsD from 'hot-shots' const client = new StatsD({ port: 8020, globalTags: { env: process.env.NODE_ENV } }) const getEnveloped = envelop({ plugins: [ // ... other plugins ... useStatsD({ client, prefix: 'gql', // results in `gql.operations.count` instead of `graphql.operations.count`, skipIntrospection: true // if you wish to disable introspection logging }) ] })

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