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Get Started

Plugin Hub > useResourceLimitations

yarn add @envelop/resource-limitations


This plugins uses extended-valiations concept (details here) for implemeting a resource-limitations rate-limit similar to GitHub GraphQL API (see for more details)

Getting Started#

yarn add @envelop/resource-limitations

Usage Example#

import { envelop } from '@envelop/core' import { useResourceLimitations } from '@envelop/resource-limitations' const getEnveloped = envelop({ plugins: [ // ... other plugins ... useResourceLimitations({ nodeCostLimit: 500000, // optional, default to 500000 paginationArgumentMaximum: 100, // optional, default to 100 paginationArgumentMinimum: 1, // optional, default to 1 paginationArgumentScalars: ['ConnectionInt'], // optional, use if connections use a different scalar type as the argument instead of `Int` extensions: false // set this to `true` in order to add the calculated const to the response of queries }) ] })

Plugin Details

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